Specializing in infographics, 3D, illustrations, online and print design + more


Design and data visualizations

The Price We Pay

How little most Bay Area families can afford — and explore the deeper human costs of $3,000-plus monthly housing bills. Published: April 2019


A six-part series that included my centerpiece illustrations about the mysterious case of the boy in the barn. The project garnered several national awards including the Sigma Delta Chi Award from the Society of Professional Journalists. Published: August 2017

Last Refuge

A photo essay on the desperate fight by a RV community clinging on to their livelihoods in the shadows of billion-dollar tech companies in Silicon Valley. Published: December 2018

Stretching the Boundaries

How the hunt for cheaper housing is changing what it means to be in the Bay Area. Published: February 2019

Burned Out

An analysis of more than 17,000 fire inspection records revealed that many of the Bay Area's major fire departments are months — and often years — late on performing state-mandated annual fire inspections at schools and apartment buildings. Published: June 2018

Behind the Bling

To the victors, go the spoils. For Super Bowl L, we look back at 50 years of the custom rings given to the winners of the biggest game in the nation. Published: January 2016

Losing Paradise

A photo essay at the deadliest wildfire in California. Published: November 2018

Animation and Video

California Wildfire History

Wildfire is an integral part of the Golden State. Using data from CalFire, we mapped all of the fires that burned throughout the state from 1900 to May 2018. Published: October 2018.

Near miss at SFO

A breaking news animation of how close Air Canada Flight 759 came to colliding with other planes at San Francisco Airport. In an exclusive story, we've obtained the air traffic control recordings and paired it with altitude data to recreate the potential disaster. Published: July 2017

Repairing Oroville Dam

A look at how the urgent repair of California's second largest dam would be done in less than two years. Published: Nov. 2017

The Life of Pai
Welcome to my gallery, which showcases some of my work that I’ve done as art director for The Mercury News in San Jose and other clients. My speciality is information graphics, illustrations, news design and 3D renderings.
Selected awards
■ 2017 Pulitzer Prize - Breaking News Reporting (team award)
■ Sigma Delta Chi Award - Society of Professional Journalists (team award)
■ Society of News Design - Silver Medal and Award of Excellence
■ Malofiej International Information Graphics Competition - Bronze medals
■ Best of the West - First and Third Place